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Q. What is Sonic Row?
Sonic Row is a digital music distribution and promotion platform for independent bands and musicians.

Think reverbnation, but less cluttered, better (and free) tools, and more options. Think bandcamp, but with a better PayPal revenue share and the option to sell through the major download stores.

Sonic Row offers a smartphone and tablet interface, desktop band page/EPK, facebook app, website widget, text and email messaging, events calendar, and so much more all tightly integrated into a single package.

To get an idea of how useful Sonic Row can be to you just visit the index page of Sonic Row and view the examples.
Q. How much does Sonic Row cost?
Sonic Row is free to join. We make money only when you make money through PayPal music sales.

Becoming listed in the major download stores like iTunes and Google Play is outside the scope of Sonic Row and does cost money.

We have teamed up with tunecore if you want to sell in the major download stores. Otherwise, you can simply sell your music using Sonic Row and PayPal. You will not incur any set-up fees and will also keep more money per sell.
Q. Where/How do I sell my music on Sonic Row?
Currently there are four options to sell your digital downloads using Sonic Row tools. PayPal, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3. These options are built into Sonic Row. You can sell across all four or pick and choose how you want to sell your music. We recommend using all four so your fans can buy through the service they desire. When given the opportunity we recommend you request fans to purchase through PayPal though. The reason is you earn more money per sell.

When you sell through PayPal we offer a 90/10 split. You get 90%, we get 10%. That's the best revenue share in the business. You also get paid immediately.

iTunes, Google Play, Amazon
The download stores provide a 70/30 split. You get 70%, they get 30%. It can take months to get paid.
Q. Can you help get my music on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play, and other download stores?
Absolutely. However, getting on the major download stores is not free, and you don't keep as much money selling through them like you do when selling through PayPal. We understand it may be important being there especially for iphone/pad/tunes users. We've teamed up with tunecore to make this process as easy and inexpensive for you as possible. Tunecore only charges a flat rate to get listed on the major download stores and does not share in your sales revenue.

Q. When choosing digital distribution should I choose spotify?
Yes, and no, but maybe. Is that clear enough? As an independent artist you need to make money. A good chunk of your earnings are through record sales. If you have a new release I would not put it on spotify. Spotify will only canabilize your debut record sales. Since spotify pays so little per stream it really doesn't make sense financially to forego debut record sales income for tiny streaming income on a debut.

Once your digital record sales for an album have slumped or ceased, then I would put the songs on spotify in order to generate long term revenue from music that is rarely purchased in an album format.

Your opinion may be different, but to each his own.
Q. How does revenue sharing work?
You can sell your digital downloads immediately, and without up-front cost to you, when you sell your music on Sonic Row using PayPal. You receive 90% of the gross and Sonic Row receives 10%. Out of the 90% you are responsible for the PayPal fees. Let's look at this example.

Your album sells for $10.
You get $9 and Sonic Row gets $1.
Standard US PayPal fees are 2.9% plus .30 per transaction.
Fees: 2.9% on $10 = .29. Plus a .30 transaction fee. Total fees = .59.
Your actual take home from the PayPal sell is $8.41 ($9.00 - .59)
Money is deposited into your PayPal account immediately.

If you primarily sell singles, or want to save a few pennies on album sells, please visit the PayPal Micropayments page. With this specialized PayPal account you will save money on transactions of $12 or less.

iTunes/Google Play/Amazon MP3
Selling through the download stores is a little trickier. You first need to get your music listed on them. For that you should visit our partner tunecore. They will get listed in the stores without sharing in your sales revenue. Below is how the download stores rev share works

Tunecore fees: $29 to $49 per year, per album to get listed on the download stores.
iTunes/Google Play/Amazon MP3 fees: 70/30 split (you get 70% and the download store keeps 30%).

Your album sells for $10 on one of the download stores.
You get $7 and the download store keeps $3.
You are not paid immediately. It can take up to 2 months to be paid.

The Bottom Line
You earn $1.41 more for each album sell using Sonic Row and PayPal than when selling through the download stores.
Q. What happens and what should I do after I sign up?
You will receive an account verification email (if not please check your spam folder).

Once verified simply log in to your admin area then upload your music and create your content. If you want to sell on the major download stores visit tunecore and get that ball rolling.

Once your songs are uploaded install your facebook tab. If you have an official website, add the website widget and mobile redirect code.

Share your Sonic Row link often online and in social media so people can listen and buy your music. Your Sonic Row link will work cross-platform so no matter what device the fan is on they can listen, buy, and share.

Be sure to ask fans to sign up to your email and text lists.
Q. What are download codes?
These are short codes you can give to people to download your music without them having to pay for it. Your account includes 20 free download codes to use as you wish. You can add additional download codes to your account if you need them.
Q. What is the Messaging platform and what can I do with it?
The Sonic Row Messaging platform integrates your email and text list with your social media sites We basically poured Facebook, Twitter, and your text and email list into a blender and created a single product. All you do is type your message once, click send, and it gets posted to Facebook, Twitter, and your text and email list simultaneously.

Fans can subscribe to your text and email through your mobile app, web page, and Facebook app. Our software complies with the Can Spam Act of 2003 so your fans can opt-out at any time without any interaction from you.

Along with our type once, send once technology some other cool features include:
  • Pick and choose where your message is sent. Send it to all four destinations at once, or just email, or just email and text, or just Twitter, or just Facebook and Twitter, or just Facebook, or... You get the idea.
  • Tweet more than 140 characters. If your tweet is longer than 140 characters we provide a link to the rest of your message.
  • We incorporated "text/twitter speak" into Messaging. What it does is automatically abbreviate words for your Text/Twitter postings like 'u' for 'you' and '&' for 'and', 'r' for 'are', etc. just for your Text and Twitter postings. Facebook and email get the correct spelling. You can even add to your Text/Twitter speak dictionary.
  • We also provide a "short URL" generator. Want to post a long link much like http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/11B00482BAAD761B2?artistid=824xxx4&majorcatid=1000441&minorcatid=1we but don't want to take up all the space. Just copy the link, press the convert button, and get a short link back like http://s0r0.us/r5T4u that goes to the same place.
Q. What digital music formats do you support?
Currently we only support MP3's. You can upload your MP3's in whatever bitrate you choose. If you upload your MP3's as 128k, 192k, 256, or 320k that is what your downloads will be too.
Q. Does Sonic Row take any ownership of my music?
No, we do not. For more information please review our artist terms of service.
Q. Do I have to sell my songs, or can I just let people stream them for free?
No, you do not have to put a price on your songs or albums. If you leave the price option blank the "buy" buttons disappear and only the streaming option is available to your fans.
Q. How do I set up the Facebook App?
Installing the Facebook app is a very simple process. Detailed directions are provided in the members area.
Q. Can I still sell my music through iTunes, Google Play, or any other download store outside of Sonic Row?
Absolutely. Sonic Row just provides you a set of easy to use tools to stream, sell, and promote yourself.
Q. My band has an official website. How do we use Sonic Row with that?
Sonic Row offers several tools just for you.

Mobile Redirect Code
This one line of code you can include in your website will redirect smartphone visitors of your desktop site to your mobile web app so they have a good experience on their small screen.

QR Code
Your QR Code for your mobile web app should be plastered everywhere. A good place is on your desktop site so people can get your web app and take your band with them on their phone.

Website Widget
This one line of code you can include in your website seamlessly integrates the Sonic Row music player allowing you to stream and sell your music directly from your official website. It also includes the ability for fans to sign up to your text and email list.
Q. Can I upload covers or any other music I don't actually control the rights to?
No. Our Artist Terms of Service require that you own or otherwise control all rights to the content you upload.
Q. Do you offer anything special for labels?
Yes we do actually. Contact Sonic Row for more information.
Q. Does Sonic Row place my music on iTunes, AmazonMP3 or any other download site?
No, Sonic Row is not an aggregator. We have partnered with tunecore however and they will gladly help getting you listed on the major download stores. Sonic Row is primarily a toolset for independent musicians to promote and sell their music.
Q. I don't want to stream full length songs. Can I allow streaming of just a portion of the song?
Yes. When you upload a song you can choose a full length stream or the exact second you want the song to stop streaming.



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